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no longer the milking cow

Yesterday was monumental for me.

With dinner I actually ordered…..WINE.  *gasp*

You see I have been breastfeeding my adorable little girl for the past 8 1/2 months and didn’t feel right about drinking wine or most alcohol beverages.  Its been quite a journey of ups and downs, biting, milk supply issues, gaining weight due to the beer drinking (yah it seems like I just contradicted myself, but it was supposed to help my milk supply issues.  Really, it deserves an entire post).  Basically, I had HAD IT.  My goal was 6 months and I was way past my limit of feeling like a moo-ing cow.

But you see I have an extremely stubborn and strong-willed child.  I have NO idea where she got that *cough, cough*  And she simply REFUSED to take ANY formula.  It droves me completely bonkers.  You see, a bottle makes everything better.  It makes it so I can actually go out in public and feed my starving and cherub faced daughter a meal without having to get half naked.  Some people are ok with that scenario, but I’m not one of them.

I tried using one of these

Hooter Hiders Mikado Nursing Cover

Yah, that was a no go.  Bradyn thought that I was trying to suffocate her and would freak out and cry.  Which in turn would make strangers stare at me.  My favorite times were in the airport and on a plane.  Love the feeling of intense scrutiny from strange people in small spaces while trying not to expose my private areas.  Really really fun times.

I have tried nursing in the back of my car, you know, which doesn’t make me feel dirty in the least.  *cough*  Especially when creepy passerbyers casually stroll just a little too slowly peering in the window.  Fun times.  Good thing my windows are tinted and has shades on them.  But still…..

And yes, I have certainly tried using breast milk in the bottle, which was great up until I struggled with making enough for my growing baby.  Then it turned into a stress case which of course completely helps the situation.  Um, yah.

The pediatrician had tried helping my case by giving me different kinds of formula for her to try, thinking it was a taste issue.  I tried them all and none of them were up to par with my discerning daughter.  She wanted the real stuff or nothing at all.  Stinker.

Finally the doctor suggested putting juice in the bottle to mix with the formula.




Finally she took formula, although it is still a bit of a struggle, it has only taken a little bit of time before she understood that this was the new normal.

And there folks is how I was able to have a glass of wine with dinner.


wordpress or blogspot

I’ve had a short lived blog on blogspot.

I’ve been here on wordpress for a while.

There are pros and cons to both.

Blogspot has difficulty uploading pics and videos but you can customize it more easily.

WordPress is incredibly easy to upload and you can even drag and drop found pictures from the internet but customization is far more difficult.

Anybody have any thoughts?

I feel like its a my space vs. face book thing.

Style or substance.

Plus I’m thinking of getting a whole new blog with a new name and everything.  Question is should I go with my real name or not.  I’m thinking I just might.

Somebody help!

hello reader

Hey there.

Yah yah, you don’t have to say it.  I know.

I know.

I’ve abandoned all of you.  Ok, one of you since nobody reads anymore.

Here’s the thing.  I’m going to let you in on a secret.

No, its not just that I am a brand new mom and going through a brand new mom phase.  Like, how do I balance my home, making meals, friends, baby feedings and oh yah….. my sanity.

No, its not that.

I’ve been living a double life.

I had another blog.


I know.  If you squinted and tilted your head you might confuse me with 007.  Almost.

Well, more people in my “real life” found out about my “internet life” and it began to bother me.  Don’t get the wrong idea.  Its not like my internet life was so much different than my real life.  It wasn’t really any different at all.  It’s just that I wanted a place the opposite of Cheers.

I didn’t want anybody to know my name.  I even made up a name for myself.  But I made a couple of mistakes and people found out.

It was ok at first.  Some friends, even some family.  But then things went sour.  A friendship ended.  Someone I desperately didn’t want to find out did.  It got ugly and I got scared.

Again, I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I just wanted a little bit of privacy.

So what did I do?

Did I confront the situation?  Did I handle it with maturity and grace?


I let my subscription on the internet name run out.

I hid.

But somehow that gave me freedom.

I still feel like I don’t know where to land.  But I do miss writing.  And I have had several posts written in my head for a while now.  And I desperately want to share in the cuteness overload that is my daughter.

But I also miss my annonymity and the freedom to really just say anything without fear of someone who actually knows me, know how I really feel.

Stupid really.

So here I sit on this near abandoned blog ready to type but fearful of what to say.

So I’ll stick to the basics for a while until I figure it all out.

Until then, have some cute for breakfast.  Its delicious and nutritious.

Word to the Wise

Don’t put as your facebook status….

“I warn you I’ve been listening to the Cure a lot lately, ‘Put a bullet in my head, pretty pretty please!!!”

Even if you think its funny and put quotes around it to ensure that people reading knows that its from a funny movie, The Wedding Singer.

wedding-singer.gif Wedding Singer image by smigels182

Because not everybody knows all of Adam Sandler films and might believe that you have Postpartum Depression and get a sincere and sweet intervention via the telephone.

Just so we are all on the same page…..

*Warning:  There is definitely cursing.  Sorry for the potty mouth humor, especially this early in the morning

And for those who haven’t seen this hilarious piece of theatrical art, it is about a guy (Sandler) who is a wedding singer (duh).  He is engaged to a girl, Linda, who viciously leaves him at the altar.  He sings this song about her in the clip.  He wrote the first half before the wedding, and the second half after.  Don’t worry happy go lucky watchers, he and the girl he is singing to (Barrymore) have major crushes on one another.  I won’t tell the ending, but he gets the girl.  Ok, so I did just spoil it.  Sorry.

And on that note…. have a happy day.

Hi!  It’s me.  The author of this near abandoned blog.

I won’t bother with apologies or excuses.  I have a newborn.  That’s all you need to know.

So I’ll just leave you with a few pics to keep you happy then I plan on posting here regularly.  Well that’s the plan anyway.

IMG_4809CIMG0521This is at her very first doctor’s appointment.  She immediately peed on the table.  Nice!

CIMG0535Her first bath!  And surprise surprise…. she loved it!  She didn’t so much care for the getting out part.  Then again, who likes getting out into the cold world?  I sure don’t.

CIMG0553Getting changed after her bath.  Gosh she is just so dang cute I can’t stand it!

CIMG0642Check out the difference!  These bath pictures are about 5 weeks difference.  It’s amazing how quickly they change.  I’ll try not to get depressed….

CIMG0687No I didn’t cut my hair.  It’s pulled back into a Mommy Ponytail.  I refuse to cut it.  Then again, I might change my mind once my little peanut starts pulling my hair.  But I doubt it.

CIMG0620She loves her swing!

CIMG0626You know what else she loves?  Her daddy!  Look at one of her first recorded smiles.  Aaaahhhh…. melts the heart.

CIMG0700Here she is today (the day before 8 weeks.  My how times FLIES!) sitting in her bumbo for the first time.  She did so well!  She is already holding her head up pretty well.  You know ….  cause she’s so advanced.  LOL  (don’t you just hate how everybody thinks that their kid is so special and advanced?!  Uh, sorry but they’re average, which is normal and fine!  Sorry, getting off the soapbox…)

So here is a quick summary of what has been going on at this house.  Mostly nursing, napping, pooping, and the occasional smile.  Life is pretty good.

Here she is!

Introducing………………(drum roll please)

My brand new baby GIRL!


Birthdate:  7/8/09  and she picked her own birthday.  I didn’t even have to be induced.  Story to come later.

Weight:  6.0 lbs

Length:  19 inches but at the first doctor’s appointment they measured her twice at 18.25.  She had to be suctioned out so she came out a bit cone headed.  I’ll trust the smaller number to be more accurate.
CIMG0435CIMG0440Holding my brand new baby girl!

CIMG0451Seriously…. isn’t she just a doll?!?!

CIMG0452CIMG0453Couldn’t you just squeeze those cheeks for days???  Yah, I know, hard to resist.

CIMG0455She’s got her momma’s lungs that’s for sure!

CIMG0461First bath!

CIMG0469Daddy’s first diaper change.  Good job Dad!

CIMG0496CIMG0498CIMG0499And now the happy family is coming home!

Induction Day

So apparently Tiger thinks that my womb is waaaaaaay to comfy to leave my womb.  I thought for sure that the fireworks would help jump kick a baby out!  But alas no such luck.

I made a plan.

I called the doctor’s office and decided to schedule an induction.  So as of today 7/7/09 I will be going into a scary world of IV’s, contractions, then an epidural and possibly ending the ordeal with a baby.  Although this process might take a long while, so I could end up with a baby on 7/8/09.

If you think that there is a possibility that I might be freaking out….. your right!

Of course I’m super excited and wanting to meet our son or daughter.  But to be honest, I was really hoping for the natural progression of things.  I wanted my water to break or the contractions to start and head to the hospital.  Granted, this weekend, I had been feeling contractions, although they were few and far between.  What a tease!

We will begin our day bright and early at 7am to get drugged up and ready to go!  LOL

Please keep me and Tiger in your thoughts and prayers.  Our main focus is a healthy baby and healthy momma.  


HAHA!  This is a goofy pic that Jeff took of me I think at 38 weeks.  I’m ridiculously huge…. so huge in fact that my head is chopped out of the picture!  LOL

As an unfortunate side note, we are having to deal with another insurance disaster.

While Jeff and I innocently were picking up a prescription at Target Pharmacy when we found out some horrible news.  Our insurance, without warning or notice, terminated us as of July 1st.  

This is like a slap in our faces.  There should be absolutely NO reason why this should have happened.  

So tomorrow when we are supposed to be working as a team and gearing up to bring new life into this world, my poor husband will be fighting our insurance company because they’re jerks.  Seriously unbelievable.

Again, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Today is my due date.

Tiger has yet to make an appearance.  UGH.

July4th.jpg The red white and blue image by gcoggeshall

I’ve had a few contractions.  They are mild and totally random.  

As soon as I have news….. you’ll have news.

But until then, let’s celebrate another birth.  The birth of this great nation.  I pray that it will continue to be great!

6.gif july 4th image by 17561sassy



4thofjuly2.jpg 4th of july image by margierose

Getting Down to the Wire

We are seriously getting down to the wire.  

People I’m due THIS Saturday!!!  HOLY SMOKES!

I had another doctor’s appointment this afternoon and I am 1cm dialated and the baby is sitting really really low.  Who knows?  Could be tonight…. could be in two weeks.  Although as of today I told my doctor that we should induce me by the 13th if I haven’t already started on my own.  Although I’m reconsidering that and only going until the 7th.  7/7/09 seems like a good date.  Not a good reason to be induced, but really I’m hoping to go early anyway. 

So the game is on!

If your my friend on facebook, then you have probably already played, but if your not, put your guesses in NOW.

In the comment section, please guess






And Bonus…



Winner will receive…… well nothing.  But you can feel good that you won (if you do)!  And really, its all about your pride right?  

Guess away!

I’ll just sit here and wait.  Literally.  Oh and freak out. 


Haven’t you heard???  This whole childbirth process will HURT.  Yah, I should have thought about that ooooooooohhhh, about 10 9 months ago.  I mean, seriously, what was I thinking?!?!

38 Weeks and Counting

Whew…. there is so much to say, and not too much time to say it.  I’m one tired pregnant lady.

I am 38 1/2 weeks!  Can NOT believe it!  Honestly I really could pop at any time.  I went to the doc today and he said I was 1 cm dilated and “soft” (he didn’t give an exact percentage of effacement).  I am also experiencing contractions at night that I am fortunately able to sleep thru, but when I wake up in the morning I would have bet money that I was somehow thrown into the ring of some WWE event.  One morning this week I thought I couldn’t even breathe because my stomach was in such a knot.  This pain also stops me from being able to turn to the other side when trying to sleep.  That particular task is already difficult, so it’s really unnecessary to add this to the mix thankyouverymuch.  

The hospital bag is packed and already in the car.  The car seat is installed and already waiting in the car.  

We are ready to go at a moments notice!

And you know what else is ready?  

The nursery!  

We had 2 showers, one family and one friends, and they couldn’t have been more fun or delightful.  Unfortunately I was too busy opening all the generous gifts so I don’t have much in the way of pictures, but I hope to retrieve them from my friends and family that took them soon.  (Although I must admit a friend of mine took a bunch of pics and shared them with me via Kodak online and I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t know how to transfer them here or to my facebook account.  Ooops)

But I DO have pictures of the finished nursery!  And honestly, I think it looks fabulous!!!

IMG_4774IMG_4776IMG_4777Isn’t that monkey just too darn adorable?  I mean seriously.  And I love the bedding.  It’s beautiful and the bumper is microsuede which is so soft and comfy.  It makes me want to jump right in!  And those three long stuffed animals on top of the chest of drawers are actually mine from my teenage years childhood.  Weird or cute?  I went with cute.


IMG_4780Here is the top of the hutch.  We went with neutral green containers for all of our storing issues.  Like the extra pacifiers and diapers and shampoos.  All ready and matching.  

IMG_4779Diaper Genie II—Check.  Extra diapers in different sizes all stored neatly in a cotton bin—Check.  

IMG_4782(ok so imagine this right side up…. and then notice how completely adorable even the inside of baby Tiger’s closet is!)

IMG_4783Here is a picture that was painted by my mother’s cousin.  I love her dearly and this picture of the painting doesn’t do it justice.  This baby is already so loved by the many people in our lives.  

IMG_4787This is from one of my showers.  Isn’t it just precious?  

And just to throw in one more thing… 


This is our 2nd wedding anniversary and I’m completely excited about the start of our new chapter in our lives.  We make a great team and I can’t wait to meet the newest and tiniest member of our family very soon.