Yesterday was monumental for me.

With dinner I actually ordered…..WINE.  *gasp*

You see I have been breastfeeding my adorable little girl for the past 8 1/2 months and didn’t feel right about drinking wine or most alcohol beverages.  Its been quite a journey of ups and downs, biting, milk supply issues, gaining weight due to the beer drinking (yah it seems like I just contradicted myself, but it was supposed to help my milk supply issues.  Really, it deserves an entire post).  Basically, I had HAD IT.  My goal was 6 months and I was way past my limit of feeling like a moo-ing cow.

But you see I have an extremely stubborn and strong-willed child.  I have NO idea where she got that *cough, cough*  And she simply REFUSED to take ANY formula.  It droves me completely bonkers.  You see, a bottle makes everything better.  It makes it so I can actually go out in public and feed my starving and cherub faced daughter a meal without having to get half naked.  Some people are ok with that scenario, but I’m not one of them.

I tried using one of these

Hooter Hiders Mikado Nursing Cover

Yah, that was a no go.  Bradyn thought that I was trying to suffocate her and would freak out and cry.  Which in turn would make strangers stare at me.  My favorite times were in the airport and on a plane.  Love the feeling of intense scrutiny from strange people in small spaces while trying not to expose my private areas.  Really really fun times.

I have tried nursing in the back of my car, you know, which doesn’t make me feel dirty in the least.  *cough*  Especially when creepy passerbyers casually stroll just a little too slowly peering in the window.  Fun times.  Good thing my windows are tinted and has shades on them.  But still…..

And yes, I have certainly tried using breast milk in the bottle, which was great up until I struggled with making enough for my growing baby.  Then it turned into a stress case which of course completely helps the situation.  Um, yah.

The pediatrician had tried helping my case by giving me different kinds of formula for her to try, thinking it was a taste issue.  I tried them all and none of them were up to par with my discerning daughter.  She wanted the real stuff or nothing at all.  Stinker.

Finally the doctor suggested putting juice in the bottle to mix with the formula.




Finally she took formula, although it is still a bit of a struggle, it has only taken a little bit of time before she understood that this was the new normal.

And there folks is how I was able to have a glass of wine with dinner.